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[SD-User] Problem with V13.12 and ESM?

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Subject: [SD-User] Problem with V13.12 and ESM?
From: "Alex GM3ZBE" <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 20:15:43 -0000
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I use SD in the ESM "Run" mode with no problems.  I was trying to use the
S+P mode with ESM but it seems to send MYCALL rather than HISCALL when enter
is pressed in the call field.  It doesn't make any difference whether the
field is blank or contains a call sign.  I have MYCALL in F4 and HISCALL IN


S+P is displayed, as is Mycall, both in blue beside the normal entry line.
The grav key does switch between S+P and RUN.


The caps lock is also on.


Am I misunderstanding something?





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