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Subject: [SD-User] FOC Marathon
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 09:19:20 -0000
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The FOC Marathon takes place over the weekend of 3/4th
February.  It's a CW-only event, for FOC members, on the
6 contest bands from 160 - 10m.

SD supports this event.  V13.13 runs on any Windows PC
and is free from

   Select SD's "FOC Marathon" template.

SD correctly -

  . Tracks continent and country bonus points.

  . Tracks 5 and 6-bander bonus points.

  . Tracks double points (QSO and bonus) for G4FOC.

  . Identifies members, on the fly, as you type
    membership numbers in the callsign field - with no
    need to press Enter or any other key.  When you do
    press Enter, the callsign and membership number are
    auto-inserted in the logging line.

  . Lists previous QSOs, and auto-inserts membership numbers
    as you type callsigns.  Again, there's no need to press
    Enter or any other key to see this information.

  . Lets you log non-members without inflating your score
    or bonuses - simply enter 0 or any non-numeric characters
    instead of membership number.

  . Lists 4-banders, 5-banders and "any other"-banders -
    using the commands 4BAND 5BAND 6BAND etc.  These may be
    abbreviated to 1B 2B 3B 4B 5B 6B.  The 4-band window is 
    useful.  It shows the stations you've worked on 4 bands
    together with the two bands needed in each case to get
    your 5 and 6-bander bonuses.  The AB (All Band) command
    lists all stations worked together with the number of
    bands in each case. If you do miss bonuses while using
    SD, it will not be because you didn't know about them.

  . When you add the #N (Name) parameter to SD's keyer
    exchange message (F2), the other member's name is added
    to your exchange - for example #C#N 5NN XXXX#E sends Call,
    Name, RST, and your membership number (XXXX). 
  . SDCHECK, the post-contest program, prepares a Cabrillo
    log which includes ALL Marathon tick-sheet information
    and an exact Claimed Score.  The log REPLACES your tick
    sheet - just email it and your entry is complete.

You will need the members reference file FOC.LST, maintained
by GM4SID, to fully benefit from SD's features in the Marathon.
If you don't already have it, contact me directly for the
download address.  This file is not distributed with SD. Use
SD's LOAD command to load FOC.LST.

Paul EI5DI
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