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[SD-User] V13.15 Released

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Subject: [SD-User] V13.15 Released
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2007 17:04:23 -0000
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V13.15       1 March 2007

RSGB Commonwealth Contest:
    Updated SDCHECK to define SO or MO, and 12 or
    24-Hour entry categories.

    Fixed Cabrillo QSO record layout - broken since

Multiplier Windows:
    Changed the display colour to show Area and
    Country mults "wanted" in yellow (upper case).
    Mults not needed remain in grey (lower case).
    The change makes it easier to visually identify
    mults wanted.

STATUS Command:
    Updated to show separate comms parameters for
    each rig.

FOC Marathon.
    Corrected occasional display errors for QSOs
    where the membership number was less than 1000.

Variable RST:
    On CW, when you send something other than 599,
    and use F2 (for example) to repeat the exchange,
    after logging the QSO, 599 was sent in error.

    For this to work, the message must include the
    #T (RST Sent) parameter, and the callsign field
    must be empty.

RSGB 1.8MHz for non-UK entrants:
    When a district code was auto-filled on a
    callsign match, the QSO was logged immediately
    after entering the serial - regardless of
    whether the district was correct.  Fixed.

    Dupes were flagged with "Du e".  Fixed.

REF Contest:
    Added REF-SECTION: to Cabrillo header records.

    Added SD_CONT - "own continent" parameter to
    SD.INI.  This enables correct scoring for REF
    when using the REFDX.CTY file.  There's no
    longer a need to add your own country record
    to REFDX.CTY.

CQ160 Contest:
    SD forces you to explicitly enter your State or
    Country abbreviation and your mode when starting
    a new file.  This fixes a problem with Cabrillo
    QSO records.     

CQ WPX Contest:
    Broken code caused most QSOs to be flagged as
    multipliers.  Fixed.

Country Files:
    Updated as per ADIC's CTY.DAT of 27th February.

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Paul EI5DI
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