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Re: [SD-User] SD, Vista and Winkey

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Subject: Re: [SD-User] SD, Vista and Winkey
From: "Paul" <>
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Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 21:50:22 +0000
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Hi Paul

Many thanks for the reply

I tried plugging in the USB cable to Winkey. Everything seemed fine and Vista
prompted for the disk with the drivers and happily installed from it. But no CW,
either from Winkey2 or from SD. I may be doing something stupid but I have
Winkey running fine under XP on my desktop.


on 18/3/07 9:36 PM, Paul O'Kane <> wrote:

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Paul Whatton" <>
>> But the disaster is that I can't get WinkeyUSB to work.
> For what it's worth, my WinKeyer USB runs under XP Home and
> XP Pro with a standard Windows USB drivers - installed
> automatically by Windows the first time I connected WinKeyer.
> Does K1EL supply a driver, and is that what you're using
> under Vista?
> Has anyone else had success with SD/WinKeyer on Vista?
> 73,
> Paul EI5DI
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