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Re: [SD-User] Mode-changes

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Subject: Re: [SD-User] Mode-changes
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 22:06:57 +0100
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From: "Fred Ockert" <>

> found with SD 13.23  changed Radiodefinitions.

Yes - that was intended.  In V13.22 an extra line
was added.  At present it has no effect.

Rig Control Files *.SD:
    Added a record to all .SD files in preparation
    for the implementation of Frequency Set
    parameters - they're hard-coded at present.

V13.23 is working here with an Icom Pro3.

With the exception of the control files for the IC728
and the IC735, all the Icom files have exactly the
same parameters - apart from the rig "address"
parameter.  In effect, there are only 2 different
Icom control files.
> still without IC737 ... well: tried IC738,IC746
> and IC736 -> modified to correct Radioadress  3CH

... Frequency ist working
> but mode-change  does not work  (older versions did so)!

Mode change works in V13.23 - but only for a mixed-mode
contest.  SD will not change to SSB in a CW-only contest
and vice-versa.

> if you try  on SD: SSB -> nothing happens

SD follows the mode on the rig, but only if the mode
is valid for the contest being logged.

It's not possible to change the rig's mode from SD.

> if you switch the Radio to SSB -> nothinh on PC

The mode will change to SSB if you're logging an SSB
contest.  SDX permits both CW and SSB in all logs,
please test this with SDX.

> also TRX= 14010/cw ... typing 40S   ...the TRX
> changes to 40m/CW

Please try this again.  With V13.23 here, the
command 40S has no effect (it does nothing).  It
does not make the rig change band to 40m - from
20m or from any other band.

SD follows the mode on the rig - it's not possible
to change the rig's mode from SD.  With rig control
enabled, the only way to change band from SD is to
input the new frequency.

Paul EI5DI
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