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[SD-User] IC7400/746PRO

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Subject: [SD-User] IC7400/746PRO
From: "jack batham" <>
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 21:39:02 -0000
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Has anyone any experience  with SD and the ic7400?  Had a microham usb cw 
keyer for Christmas, and am in the throes of getting it to be friendly , 
with the current version of SD and find myself struggling after hours of 
trying to coax the thing.
The device router is version 5.1.1., and although all the outward 
indications are as they should be, Baud rates and flags etc., it just will 
not indicate band change,  although the CW  operation is fine.  Does it 
multi-task?  Any assistance will be much welcomed..
                              Jack B...   g3lnc 

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