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[SD-User] SD + Winkey

Subject: [SD-User] SD + Winkey
From: Fred Ockert <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 08:51:18 +0100
List-post: <>
  I have got a problem -- hope someone can help me to fix it!

using: microHam CW-Keyer + microham Router v.5.01.01
sd 13.35 (tested 13.30, 13.32, 13.33 )
WinXP (SP2).. not all MS-Updates (a standalone machine at patchlevel 
august 2007...)

all working ...only  WinKey speed can *not* changed from keyboard using 

SD shows changed speed, ears indicates *no* change ...and new (e.G.) CQ 
starting again wiTh old speed.
Did not find any other "no working function"

It is *not* a cw-keyer problem ... have tested with N1mm * UCX-Log - 
both working as expected...

SD did so too, a  few weeks ago... (last time updated SD 13.30/32 to 
13.35; updated microham-Router  v3.xx to 5.01.01... updated key-firmware 
to level, distributed with router 5.01.01 version)

fred, dl5ym
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