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Subject: [SD-User] V14.07
From: "Brian Summers" <>
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2008 21:01:04 -0700
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After gaining a lot of practice with an earlier version of SD, and making a 
general mess of things, I did an uninstall of what I had and then a new 
installation for 14.07. Something's not correct, quite possibly finger trouble 
on my part. Anyway, this is what I have. 1) There is no indication of whether 
I'm in Run mode or S&P. Just the flashing cursor where the callsign will enter, 
plus mode indication and frequency, plus ovr/ins. 2) Having saved some 
pre-programmed messages SD does not send them when pressing the enter key. Even 
CQ. But pressing the function keys will send messages and allow me to make and 
log a QSO. 3) I can change mode on SD by changing mode on the radio, and use SD 
to change frequency on the radio. But once I've moved from that frequency on 
the same band then SD does not follow.

I've re-installed 14.07 with no difference. I must be doing something 
fundamentally wrong.........

Brian VE7JKZ
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