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[SD-User] AGCW tests

Subject: [SD-User] AGCW tests
From: F6EEQ <>
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2010 13:33:16 +0100
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I would like to use SD in the next AGCW tests (Staight key and BUG), but 
from the Help, I did not understant how to configure SD to cope with the 

*For Staight key (Handetaste) :*
RST, laufende Nummer, Klasse, Name, Alter (YL: XX)
Beispiele: "569001/A/Tom/39", "589004/C/Rosel/XX"

For Bug:
RST + QSO-Nummer/das Jahr, in dem der OP erstmalig eine halbautomatische 
Taste meisterte
(Beispiel: 579001/61).

I suppose that I have to pick a "normal" contest with only the 
numbering, and have the rest as a complementary report (alxays the 
same), but I did not find how to get a "normal" contest and rename it AGCW

Also numbering is quite complicated!!

Thanks for your advices.

I used SD first time last WE in the REF contest, and found it simple to use.
The grafic inthe pseudo Window frame is neat and the layout easy to read.

Thanks in advance.


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