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Subject: Re: [SD-User] Delaware
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2010 23:56:32 -0000
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From: "Bob Bagwell" <>

> Worked AA1K in ARRL DXCW and to my horror discovered that SD
> bounced DE for Delaware.  Help!!!

Fixed in V14.30 on 28th January.

Here's what I posted to sd-user then.

Just download V14.30 and edit the AA1K QSO.  It will acccept
DE and correct your mults.

Paul EI5DI

V14.30          28 January 2010

This is an interim release, in advance of V15.00.

    Delaware (DE) not recognised due to broken code.
    Fixed - Thanks G3RAU.

V15.00 will include:
    A simplified QSO record format, similar to

    Automatic rescoring each time you run SD.

    Updated ZAP command to let you delete any QSO
    in your log.

    Serials (Sent) will be independent of SD's
    QSO number.

    Editing QSOs:  "Before" and "After" information
    will be written to the audit file - making it
    easier to identify exactly what you changed.

    Import of Cabrillo contest logs, and conversion
    to SD's new QSO format.

Updated Country files are included in V14.30 and,
separately, from


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