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[SD-User] V15.04 Released

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Subject: [SD-User] V15.04 Released
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
Date: Sat, 1 May 2010 17:41:23 +0100
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V15.04          1st May 2010

IOTA Contest:
    SD now directly supports the IOTA contest, 
    including all custom features (and more)
    from SDI.  SDI is discontinued, and is no
    longer supported.

    Here are some of SD's IOTA features.

    As you type callsigns, SD identifies the
    country or call area and displays all
    coresponding IOTA references - those
    available as multipliers on the current
    band and mode are highlighted.

    SD identifies the continent, as calls are
    typed, and pre-fills the abbreviation in the
    IOTA Reference field.  Hit Enter to log a
    blank reference (no need to delete the
    continent), or simply add the reference
    number. Leading zeros are not required. For
    example, add 4 to a pre-filled "EU" to log

    When editing IOTA references, leading
    zeros (if any) are dropped and the cursor
    is positioned after the continent.  SD
    adds the zeros, as necessary, after edits.

    When entering a callsign which can only,
    or is very likely to, belong to a specific
    IOTA reference, the reference is pre-filled.
    You may overtype the numeric part, or use
    Esc to delete the field, as appropriate,
    before logging the QSO with Enter.  This
    feature is controlled by storing the first
    IOTA reference, for the corresponding
    country in SDIOTA.CTY, in lower case.
    When entering island callsigns worked
    previously, or any callsign associated
    with a specific IOTA reference, the mult
    status, by band and mode, is displayed
    under the callsign.  You can instantly
    decide whether it's worth asking for a
    QSO on another band or mode.

    When you enter any call worked earlier,
    you see a display of band/mode slots
    worked and needed.  Those already worked
    (including the current band & mode) are
    shown in black - so you can say, for
    example, "Thanks for 4 QSOs".  When it
    is the callsign of an island station,
    multiplier bands/modes are highlighted.

    To see the band/mode multiplier status
    for a specific IOTA reference, type it
    in the callsign field. For example, type
    EU5 to see the information for EU005.
    Add 1 to see the information for EU051.
    Use Esc to clear the field, ready for
    callsign entry.

Key File:
    It was not possible to run SD two or more
    times simultaneously because the key
    file was locked by the first program to
    access it.  Fixed - thanks VK4TT.

SCAG Sprint:
    Added template & scoring support.  Thanks

Marking QSOs for Deletion:
    The /Z and /ZAP callsign suffixes didn't
    always work. Fixed.

    Fixed some cosmetic errors related to
    multiplier windows overlapping.

You should replace previous V15 releases with
this version.

If you find any bugs, please post the details
to this mailing list.

Some older versions are available at

Paul EI5DI

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