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[SD-User] V15.07 Released

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Subject: [SD-User] V15.07 Released
From: "Paul O'Kane" <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 17:09:38 +0100
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V15.07          27th May 2010

DXpeditions and Special Events.
    SD supports CW and SSB operation on all 10
    bands from 160-6m.  Select the "DXpedition
    Logger" or "Special Events" templates - they
    are identical.  SDX is discontinued. 

    Countries are tracked by band and mode.

    The corresponding SDCHECK export options
    are Cabrillo, ADIF and Text.  Any data
    received is included, but there is no
    record of data sent, other than RST.
    Cabrillo logs include QSO sequence numbers.

    In due course, I will add import options
    for other SD logs to enable maintanance of
    a basic station log (with DXCC checking by
    band and mode) in a single SD-compatible

Dupe Checking in State QSO Parties:
    Broken code meant that some stations, not
    signing /M or /R, were not always flagged
    as dupes in advance.  Fixed. Thanks WA9AQN.

    NOTE:  In these events, no dupe checking is
    done on /M and /R callsigns.  If they are
    logged, and ARE dupes (logged with the same
    county code as before), SD will not flag
    them as dupes.


If you find any bugs, please post the details
to this mailing list.  Also, please let me know
what you would like to see changed or added.

Older versions are available at

Paul EI5DI

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