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Subject: [SD-User] Using SD
From: "Allen Wootton" <>
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2011 10:05:18 -0800
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In general I use CW for ragchewing and casual DX operation.  Also, my main 
radio of early 1980 vintage predates computer - radio connection.  However, for 
the past few years I have been enjoying operating in a few contests in the QRP 
category using an FT-817 and, as I have gotten better, the need for a better 
logging system than paper and pencil with post contest transfer to SD has 
become very obvious to me.  Consequently, I would like to use SD for logging 
during a contest with some measure of connectivity between the computer and the 
FT-817 so that band and mode changes would be recorded and also so that I can 
send messages at the touch of a button.

When I look in my reference books and on the internet I find so many different 
pieces of equipment for sale and circuits that provide rig to PC connections 
that I feel confused about what I actually need to operate SD with an FT-817.  
I would really appreciate any suggestions as to how to make a simple interface 
between an FT-817 and a PC that would allow me to experiment with SD.  I have 
an older computer that has both a serial and a parallel port as well as USB 
connectors and I would prefer to make my own interface rather than just buying 

Thank you for any suggestions you may have.


Allen, VE7BQO
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