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[SD-User] Easier SSB/CW Switching

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Subject: [SD-User] Easier SSB/CW Switching
From: W1VIV <>
Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2011 10:13:23 -0500
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I am a new SD user with a question.  In contests that include both SSB 
and CW, my goal is to make switching back and forth between these modes 
as quick and easy as possible.  I have built a WinKey/USB keyer.  That 
works fine when I use the PORTS command and program in its correct Com 
Port (COM6).  I have also recorded some WAV files to call CQ on SSB.  I 
want to use PTT for this function, so I built a DB-9 cable with an NPN 
switching transistor in it, being switched from the serial connector RTS 
pin, and bought a USB-to-serial converter.  This also works fine when I 
use the PORTS command and program the correct Com Port (COM7).

Here's my question: Each time I switch modes, I now have to type in CW 
or SSB, and then PORTS, and put in the correct Com Port. Ideally, I 
would like to only type in either "CW" or "SSB," and somehow have the 
Com Port switched automatically, or find a way to share the same port.  
I have noted, for example, that both use the exact same Win7 driver so I 
was hoping I could share it somehow, but this is out of my area of 

(I emailed Steve, K1EL at WinKey, and asked him if there was any way I 
could use the WinKey PTT signal, but was told that it has no way of 
knowing when you key your radio in SSB mode.)

Everything operates perfectly otherwise and I can live with the present 
situation permanently, but perhaps somebody has an idea for quicker 
SSB/CW switching.  I would imagine that other people have had the same 

Thanks and 73,

Sumner Weisman, W1VIV
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