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[SD-User] V15.44 Released

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Subject: [SD-User] V15.44 Released
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2011 01:24:17 +0100
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V15.44          1st July 2011

Check Partial - EXPAND Command:
     This command expands SD's desktop and window
     beyond the former limit of 25 rows and 80

     The main purpose is to enable Check Partial
     (and SCP) calls to be placed below the
     callsign field on the logging line because
     it helps to have this information close by.

     SD checks callsign for dupes as they are
     typed.  However, when no check partial
     display is visible, you know the call will
     not be dupe - perhaps after only two or
     three characters have been typed

     If this has never been an issue for you,
     there may be no reason to use EXPAND.  Note
     that you may have to maximise the window to
     see it in full.

     You can move the cursor to the Check Partial
     calls with Down Arrow, and then navigate
     with the arrow keys.  Enter retrieves a
     highlighted call.  "Dupe" calls are not
     highlighted, and can not be retrieved.

     When there is a single, non-dupe, callsign
     listed, either arrow key (Up or Down) will
     instantly retrieve it - ready for logging.
     This is often faster than typing the
     remainder of the call.

     Reminder:  Comma toggles the partial list
     between "anywhere" and "prefix only".  Full
     Stop (period) changes the list to "suffix
     only".  Please try this for yourself - most
     users don't know about it.

     If the expanded desktop window does not fit
     on your display, use the information on SD's
     opening screen to adjust your font and
     window size as appropriate - experiment with
     Lucida Console font sizes.

     Full-screen operation is not supported, and
     the BORDER command is discontinued.

IOTA Contest:
     Improved the display of island references as
     calls and prefixes are typed.  For example,
     G, on its own, instantly shows all possible
     IOTA references for England, together with
     their multiplier status on the current band
     and mode.  Add M to see the equivalent for
     Scotland.  This feature was standard in SDI,
     but had not been fully implemented when IOTA
     support was added to SD.

     To check the multiplier status for a specific
     island reference on the current band and mode,
     type the reference in the callsign field -
     redundant zeros are not required.  For example,
     type EU1.  If it's a multiplier, "M" appears
     above, and your multiplier status for EU001
     (Dodecanese) on all bands, and both modes,
     appears below.  No other contest logger does
     this.  Add 2 to see your status for Shetlands
     EU012, and add 3 for Scottish Coastal Islands

     Multiplier slots are highlighted.  Use Esc
     or Minus to clear the IOTA reference and
     multiplier analysis.

CVA DX Contest (Brasil):
     Added support for both sides.

US Counties QSO Party:
     Added support.

California QSO Party CQP.
     Removed RST from the logging screen, and from
     Cabrillo QSO records.  Thanks AD6E.

Rig Control - Changing Mode:
     Mode changes on the rig did not change SD's
     mode.  Fixed, thanks EI7GY.

All Asian Contest:
     Age was treated as a serial, and logged and
     displayed with a leading zero.  Fixed.

     Age is prefilled when callsigns, worked
     earlier, are typed.

Key Files - Opening Earlier Logs.
     At times, SD V15.43 reported a problem and
     started in DEMO mode.  Fixed - thanks LY2N.

Band Edits:
     They worked on-screen, but QSOs were not
     updated - due to broken code since V15.00
     when the QSO record format was changed.
     Fixed, thanks WB3BSA.

     Following band edits, QSO frequencies are
     set to the lower band edges - even when rig
     control is enabled.


When you find bugs in SD, please post full details
to this mailing list.  Older versions are not
supported, so you should first confirm that the
problem exists in V15.44.

Please let me know what you would like to see
changed or added.

Paul EI5DI

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