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Subject: [SD-User] Fwd: Re: Lost Log - finished
From: Dieter <>
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 08:57:01 +0100
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Good morning, gentlemen,
   Thanks a lot for your hints.
  Yesterday evening I did another test and made a test-qso  into 1521 
which is in the same folder - here SD check worked and all extensions 
could be seen well.
I made some qsos agn into 1545 and again nil.
Stored somewhere else as you described.

Then I loaded the latest version and stored it C: SD...
and all is done correctly with the TEST qsos.
PC is doing a proper job as correctly as the human tells it.
Sry for accusing it a strange animal, hi.
Thanks for your effective help.
Hope Jo has a good trip to Belize.
  73!  Dieter DL2BQD

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Betreff:        Re: [SD-User] Lost Log
Datum:  Mon, 21 Nov 2011 18:57:19 +0000
Von:    Paul O'Kane <>

Hello Dieter,

>  I did the search and found HOT2011 *.* in the following path
>  C:\user\dieter\AppData\local\virtual store\program files\AFU\AFU
>  programmes\SD1545\SD

Please install SD V15.55 in your C:\SD folder.
Accept all the defaults during installation, and
that is where it will be installed.

>  There was a list with the search results and I could open .LOG  or
>  .CVS.... with the editor when clicking the icon.
>  Well, but there is no of these files with the special extensions in the
>  list in the SD order.

That may be because you did not do the following,
as described in my email when you registered.

    Your key file must always be named SD.KEY, otherwise SD
    will not find it and will start in DEMO mode.  At times,
    word processors or text editors add hidden extensions
    to files.  If this happens to your key file it will be
    invisible to SD.

    You can tell whether your computer shows file extensions
    by looking for the program file SD.EXE in your SD folder.

    If the .EXE extension is missing, you need to change a
    Windows parameter to show all file extensions.  Try
    a Google search with the phrase "show file extensions"
    and you will quickly find a reference for your version
    of Windows.  The procedure varies for different versions
    of Windows, but it MUST be done. Otherwise, you may not
    be able to find your some of your SD program and data
    files.  This is a Windows issue - not an SD issue.

When you have done all this, copy the .ALL files from
C:\user\dieter\AppData\local\virtual store\program files\AFU\AFU
programmes\SD1545\SD to C:\SD.

>  I will check whether the path is too long - I can't remember what I did
>  during the installation.

You should accept all the installation defaults.

Paul EI5DI

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