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[SD-User] CTY.DAT with 10 years worth of callsigns

Subject: [SD-User] CTY.DAT with 10 years worth of callsigns
From: "Jim Reisert AD1C" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2012 23:27:47 +0000
List-post: <">>
I apologize for the wide distribution.  I wasn't sure how to get the
word out to the people who would like to know about this.

I have created a CTY.DAT file that contains callsigns going back ten
(10) years.  For example, you'll find calls like 9M6/N1UR (Spratly),
3Y0E (Bouvet), 8N1OGA (Ogasawara) and many others.  At least a
couple of people have asked for this -- people who use a contest
logger as their every day logging program, or another logging program
that uses the CTY.DAT country files.

This is a complete file, meaning all prefixes that require CQ and/or
ITU zone overrides are listed.  This is primarily for BY, K, UA9, VE
and VK.  Remember that the normal CTY.DAT has only a subset of these
prefixes; many have been implemented in software and therefore don't
need to be listed.  This file comes in only one format: using '=' to
distinguish full callsigns from prefixes.

I need to be careful as to how to distribute the file.  I don't want
to cause any confusion with the existing contest country files.  It's
possible that this new file has so many entries that it won't work
with some of the software out there.  I don't have any contest
software handy to test with at the moment.

If you want a copy of this CTY.DAT, please reply to me directly and
I'll send it to you.  I'll think about a way to distribute the file so
as to minimize confusion.  Whether it works or doesn't work, please
let me know so I can add the appropriate restrictions to the release
notes that I'll eventually distribute with the file.

10 years is an arbitrary number, I could go back further.

This file contains the new prefix for Republic of South Sudan (Z8),
but Malyj Vysotskij has not been deleted yet (I'll make this change
soon).  I also don't know what the release schedule will be, in other
words, I don't know if I'll update it with every contest country file
release (it's made in a separate directory from the rest of the
country files).

73 - Jim AD1C

Jim Reisert AD1C, <jjreisert at>,

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