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[SD-User] V15.60 Released

Subject: [SD-User] V15.60 Released
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2012 13:10:04 +0100
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V15.60          1st April 2012

IOTA Contest:
     Updated for 2012 scoring revisions.

Callsign Reference (.LST) Files:
     SD automatically loads appropriate .LST
     files (supplied with SD) as follows.

        CW Open and CWOps Mini Tests - CWOPS.LST.
        FOC Marathon and FOC QSO Party - FOC.LST.
        RDA Contest - RDA.LST.

     In all other events SD loads your default .LST
     file. This is the one you most recently loaded,
     if any, with the LOAD command, and its name is
     held in the SD_LOAD record in your SD.INI file.

     The CLEAR command clears all callsign reference
     data already loaded, and the corresponding
     SD_LOAD record.  Thanks K4GM.

     V15.59 didn't always recognise WinKey at
     startup.  Fixed.

Rig Control:
     When enabled, the B40 (and other) band-change
     commands did not work if the rig had not
     previously been switched to the corresponding
     band.  Fixed.

     POLLTIME and LINKTIME settings:  These were
     set to fixed values, dependent upon your BPS
     setting, each time SD was started.  Now,
     user-selected values are preserved in SD.INI.

     If rig control is not working fully with your
     rig, here's what you should try - assuming the
     PORTS command has already been used to define
     the appropriate COM port for your rig.

     1. Set the BPS to the maximum supported by
     your rig - and ensure your rig is set to the
     same value (if variable).

     2. Set POLLTIME to 1000 and LINKTIME to 800.
     Use the STATUS command to confirm the settings.

     3. Confirm that rig control is working.  If
     not, there is a separate issue.  If working,
     reduce LINKTIME until rig control fails. Then
     increase LINKTIME by 25% or so, and confirm
     that rig control is restored - and the
     frequency displays correctly even when
     continuously turning the VFO dial.

     4. Reduce POLLTIME until rig control fails,
     then increase it by 25% or so and confirm
     that rig control is restored.  Note that
     lower values of POLLTIME make rig-contol
     more responsive, in terms of how quickly
     the frequency display is updated.

     Thanks G4CWH.

Logging EI5DI:
     There's not much point in being the author
     of a contest logger and not using it to your
     advantage.  With this in mind, any time you
     work me all you need to type is EI - SD
     expands it  to EI5DI.  Further, if you hear
     someone calling with "dit didit" on its own,
     you'll know it's me.  Just enter EI to log
     the full call.

     This is not an April Fool item!   It has
     been an undocumented feature in SD for some

If you find new bugs in V15.60, please post details
to this mailing list.  Older versions are not
supported, so you should first confirm that the
problem exists in this version.

Please let me know what you would like to see
changed or added.

Paul EI5DI

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