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[SD-User] Upload problems

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Subject: [SD-User] Upload problems
From: "JohnW" <>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2012 20:29:30 +1000
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Had a few contacts last weekend in Yuri Gagarin CW, ran entries files through 
SD Check and created a Cabrillo file which read as a log. I renamed file to my 
Callsign.log and forwarded as attachment to address as advised - went with no 
problems. This is where things went astray when I wanted to upload to LoTW, I 
tried to sign the files(yes I tried all the file I had) to make it a tq8 and 
the only one to become a tq8 would not work any further. I forgot to mention 
that the Cabrillo format was not recognised. Just wondering if anyone else has 
had problems like this, my cqwwwpx file went uploaded no problems.

John   VK3NRW
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