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[SD-User] Problem setting up ESM in Windows7/32

Subject: [SD-User] Problem setting up ESM in Windows7/32
From: "Werner, HB9BNK" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2012 17:32:27 +0200
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I installed SD on my new PC running Windows 7/32. It controls 
Winkey over serial line and the FT1000 Transceiver also serial CAT

I am not able to put the program in ESM-Mode: If I hit the 
apostrophe, the greeen CQ above the serial number lights up and, 
for a moment, green RUN lights up, before it is covered by CW in gray.

There is no Action on Enter. F1 sends the CQ via Winkey as usual

Also the frequency display is not updated regularly in CW - only 
when I switch to SSB (there, the frequency display works as usual)

Does this sound familiar ? Any hints ? Could it be a 
keyboard-mapping issue ?

I looked in the archives, but no luck, and tried several 
software-releases, at the moment it is V15.60

Thanks and 73, Werner HB9BNK
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