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[SD-User] V16.00 Released

Subject: [SD-User] V16.00 Released
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2012 21:37:34 +0100
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V16.00          1st September 2012

Free Options:
    SD is fully working and unrestricted (no key
    file needed) in all RSGB contests, including
    IOTA and BERU, and in certain other events.

    The full list of free options is shown at

    There is no need to register to use SD in
    any of the unrestricted contests, and no
    key file is needed.  Simply download SD
    and away you go.

    There are two options for enabling SD for
    use in other contests (if your present key
    file expires before 1st September).  The
    first is a "Once-off Registration".  Users
    get a key file giving unrestricted access
    to the current version (and earlier
    versions) of SD for a fee of 10 euros. The
    key file does not expire, and there is no
    need to ever register again unless you
    decide you want whatever features and bug
    fixes are provided in later versions of SD.

    The second option adds access to future
    versions released within 12 months of
    registration - the fee is 20 euros. Again,
    the key file never expires.

    In contests which are not free, or where
    the key file is out-of-date with regard
    to the version used, or is used with a
    non-matching callsign, SD remains in DEMO
    mode and logging is delayed after 10 QSOs
    - by 30 seconds for each new QSO.

Contest Name:
    The name of the contest, taken from the
    template file, is shown at the bottom of
    the logging screen.

    This helps to prevent user errors caused
    by selecting the wrong template when
    starting a new log, or the wrong log when
    restarting SD.  When SD is running in demo
    mode, the word DEMO appears after the
    contest name.  When DEMO is not shown,
    you know for certain that SD is not in
    demo mode, and will not slow down after
    10 QSOs.

Templates Updated:
    Many new parameters have been introduced
    to make it easier for SD to support new
    and updated contests without the need for

    All templates (more than 200) now include
    parameters for constructing Cabrillo QSO
    records directly, by mapping fields from
    the .ALL to the .LOG QSO records.
    Previously, many Cabrillo features were
    hard-coded and difficult to maintain.

    Please refer to the Templates secion in
    the manual SD.PDF for more information.

    Note:  The RSGB RoPoCo and Club Calls
    contests are exceptions - Cabrillo QSO
    records remain hard-coded.

    Cabrillo header records are now V3.0, the
    current standard.

Reloading Existing Logs:
    Warning:  Compatibility with contest logs
    created by earlier versions of SD is not
    guaranteed.  If this might be an issue
    for you, install V16 in a separate folder.

    When reloading, SD skips the screen
    showing your Name & Address and the
    contest parameters.  Startup is simpler
    and faster.

WAE - Worked All Europe.
    For DX entrants, outside Europe, the record
    of QSOs already sent as QTCs was lost when
    SD was restarted.  Fixed, thanks VK4TT.

    Winkey is now enabled immediately following
    a PORTS command and the WINKEY command.
    Previously, SD had to be restarted before
    WinKey was recognised.

WinKey & Rig Control:
    WinKey was disabled in mixed-mode events
    when using older rigs with no "Reverse-CW"
    option.  Fixed, thanks WA9AQN.

BUFFER Command:
    Toggles display of data received from the
    rig following a poll from the computer.
    The data is shown in character, ASCII and
    HEX formats.  This was used to investigate
    the WinKey/Rig Control problem.

UNLOAD Command:
    Removes any .LST file(s)  previously LOADed.
    This replaces the previous CLEAR command.

Editing QSOs:
    When the QSO being edited was selected by
    direct entry of the QSO number, followed
    by successive Down-Arrows to return to
    logging, SD froze.  Fixed, thanks VK4TT.

NEQP - New England QSO Party:
    New England Side - fixed some data entry
    issues related to logging stations already
    worked on other bands.  Thanks K1ESE.

CTY Files Updated:
    Note:  UK temporary special calls are not
    included. SD sees all GQ calls as England.

    The option to restore your log (.ALL) from
    the audit file (.AUD) was broken.  Fixed.
    This is useful when, for whatever reason,
    one or more QSOs in your .ALL file have
    become corrupted.

EXPAND Command:
    A reminder that the EXPAND command toggles
    the location of the Check Partial and Super
    Check Partial displays.

    SD's default is now unexpanded - where the
    partial calls display temporarily replaces
    the score window.  This is suitable for
    16x9 ratio screens, enabling SD's window
    to closely fit the screen.

    The alternative location is underneath the
    logging line - with SD's window expanded
    accordingly.  It displays the partial calls
    closer to the logging line, an advantage
    when running at high rates.

IOTA Contest:
    QSOS with EU prefixes were flagged as mults
    even though no IOTA reference was logged.
    Cabrillo logs were not affected.  Fixed,
    thanks GM4SID.

WIA Remembrance Day Contest.
    Same-mode QSOs with other stations are
    permitted after three hours - changed from

    Own-area QSOs now score on all bands.
    Thanks VK3NRW.

QSOPARTY - Template Parameter.
    When set to Y, no dupe checking is done
    on mobiles and rovers(/M and /R).  This
    applies mainly to North American QSO

Scoring for Special Calls.
    Was previously hard-coded for each contest.
    This is now controlled by the SPECIALCALL
    template parameter showing the points
    scored for QSOs with individual callsigns.

UBA DX Contest:
    Separate templates provided for ON and DX

NRAU-Baltic Contest.
    New template and multiplier file supplied.

V15.63          August 2012

WAE Contest:
    Fixed QTCs for non-EU entrants.

V15.62          July 2012

IOTA Contest
    Scoring corrected.


If you find new bugs in V16.00, please post full
details to this mailing list.  Older versions are
not supported, so you should first confirm that the
problem exists in this version.

Please let me know what you would like to see
changed or added - whether features or contests.

Paul EI5DI

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