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[SD-User] Band Map

Subject: [SD-User] Band Map
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2013 17:06:55 +0100
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I'm developing the equivalent of a band map for
V17.01 - although it may not look like any band
map you've used in the past.  You must have rig
control up and running for this to work.

Anyway, here are the draft release notes.  I hope
you will experiment with this using SD V17.01x
(X for experimental).  To use this version, your
key file should be valid (for updates) until April
2013 or later.  However, anyone can use it with
the usual "free" contests.

You can get the new SD.EXE from

The SP contest would be a good time to play.
Please feel free to comment, suggest improvements,
and ask questions.

Paul EI5DI



Band Map:
    In contest loggers, such as SD, that do
    not integrate with the internet to display
    cluster and RBN spots, band maps are of
    relatively limited value.

    Nevertheless, there is benefit in being
    able to identify (by frequency) stations
    logged (or called but not logged) as you
    tune up and down the bands.

    This feature works only when rig control
    is enabled.  Calls appear when the rig's
    frequency is within the preset threshold
    frequency. The default is 300 Hz, and may
    be changed with the THRESHOLD command.

    Calls already worked are shown in lower
    case.  Calls not worked (ones you deleted
    from the logging line with Minus) are

    When you log successive QSOs on the same
    frequency (while running), only the most
    recent call logged on that frequency is
    shown when you next tune across the

    This feature is particularly useful in
    some contests where many stations stay on
    a "run" frequency for most of the time -
    you see their "worked" or "not worked"
    status without having to wait for them to

    There is no option yet to "retire" band
    map calls after a given time.  They are
    all cleared when you re-start SD, or can
    be individually (and quickly) cleared
    by using F10 to display the full table
    then using Delete on any highlighted


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