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[SD-User] missing characters in cabrillo log line

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Subject: [SD-User] missing characters in cabrillo log line
From: Dieter Klaschka <>
Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2013 17:53:45 +0200
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Hello, I did another test with 1705 and typed some qsos.


QSO: 3500 CW  2013-07-09 1532 DL2BQD 579 001
     DL1ABC  539 234 QRO Jo

OK, the important entry QRP or QRO or VLP is now ( why now?) inserted in the .LOG, the name is shortened.
But I can live with that result.

In the print version the name is fully shown.

@Les, your hint worked perfectly to switch off the fixed RST. Tnx.
Could that be a reason why not all charcters at the end of a line are shown when it is n o t off??

73! Dieter dl2bqd

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