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[SD-User] EU Sprint - CW

Subject: [SD-User] EU Sprint - CW
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2013 16:45:17 +0100
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The EU Sprint takes place from 16:00 to 19:59 UTC on
Saturday 12th October.  It is SO CW-only, on 80, 40 & 20m,
with HP and LP (100w) categories.

Rules at

SD V17.18 is free from

  Select the "EU Sprint" template.
  Enter the Mode as CW, and your Name for the exchange.

EU entrants:  Work everyone on 80, 40 & 20m.
DX entrants:  Work EU only.

Exchange Serial & Name & both callsigns.  There are no
reports and no mults.

If you load a .LST callsign/name file with the LOAD command,
SD prefills the Name on a callsign match.  If the name has
changed, overtype with the correct name.

When there is no match on callsign, it's faster to enter
the Serial and Name exchange as a single field - with no
spaces.  For example:  SD logs "2FRED" as "002 FRED".

The Sprint has a recommended format for exchanges.  For
example, you must give both callsigns as part of each
exchange - however the position of your own callsign
lets listeners know whether you will QSY or stay on the
frequency after the QSO.  It's better to know and use
the correct exchange format.

When you use SD's internal keyer, or an integrated
keyer such as WinKey, the appropriate exchanges are
hard-coded in the recommended format - you can't change

Using ESM (Enter Sends Message) SD toggles between
"RUN" and "S&P" modes, and sends the exchange in the
recommended format.

Please experiment with a test file in advance.

Use SDCHECK to create your Cabrillo .LOG file, and send
it to eusprint at kkn dot net.

Please mention SD in your soapbox comments.

Paul EI5DI

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