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[SD-User] Fwd: SD and CQ WW

Subject: [SD-User] Fwd: SD and CQ WW
From: John Huffman <>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2013 13:46:37 -0400
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Paul -

I think your direct email is not working for me, so I'll send this info via the list...

- - - -

Paul -

It was nice to work you in this weekend's contest.  What great conditions.

I tried using the K3 voice keyer with SD.  However, there was a
perceptible delay between pushing the button and the voice keyer
transmitting.  I suppose I could have gotten used to that, but timing is
everything in a contest.  I tried using the K3 voice keyer with other
software and had the same issue.  I think the delay is inherent in all
software or my computer.  In any event, I used the button on the K3
manually and that worked out fine.  Since ESM isn't available for the
voice keyer, it was no more effort to push the button on the radio.  I
wouldn't put a lot of effort into adding the vice keyer to ESM.

One glitch I did find.  If I enter a call, decide to erase it and press
'ESC' the software sends the K3 a command that activates the keyer
record button.  If I don't notice that and press a keyer button, the
keyer does not send a message, but instead starts recording.  That
erases my stored message.  I had to re-record my message several times
before I figured out what was happening.  Once I did, I made sure to
press '-' if I wanted to remove a call.

Overall, SD worked great and I said so in my log and on the 3830 reflector.

Many thanks,

73 de K1ESE

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