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[SD-User] SETDUPE & edit band in post logging

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Subject: [SD-User] SETDUPE & edit band in post logging
From: "Sverre Johannessen" <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2014 12:48:12 +0100
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Hello everbody,

I have used SD log for my first test ? the Norwegian Fylkestest 2014. I used
it in Post logging mode and punched all QSO?s in after the test. SD have a
setup file for the test: (NRRL fylkestest2014.tpl) and I believed that all
setup necessary was set there. But when I tried to print out the Cabrillo
log I saw that the multipliers was not handled correct. The test have four
test periods (time slots)  and  most of the QSO?s in period 2 to 4 was
marked as Dupes. I read the manual about the SETDUPE, but do not understand
how to use that after the log is punched in. Please help!


I also have another problem: I had typed the band wrong on one QSO and tried
to correct it in SD, but I could not reach the band coulomb. Then I tied to
correct it in the text file *.all, but when I tried SD again the band was
still wrong! Please help!


Best regards



Sverre Johannessen

Tlf: +47 913 47 508

Strømsveien 40,

3186 Horten.


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