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[SD-User] HSC contest

Subject: [SD-User] HSC contest
From: Gerard F6EEQ <f6eeq@UFT.NET>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2015 10:01:32 +0100
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Hi Paul,

I used SD in last HSC contest and this was very enjoyable, although I got problem of rig link disconnection, but this was not due to SD but to HF pick-up, probably by the screen.

I have one remark:
Each station may be contacted during the first period *_and _*during the second period, as far as I understood from the rules, and at least no station warned me QSO BFR! During the second period, SD warned me of DUPE. So I disregarded this. At the beginning of 2nd period it's easy to know that it is not a real DUPE, but, after a while, you must search through the log to be sure.

Would it be possible, for the next run in October to correct this?

Another remark, but also probably not due to SD:
HSC recommend to make reports with LM. I've been unable to export the Cabrillo file (.LOG) to LM, apparently because of column alignments which are not compatible. This gave 100% of calls not correct as well as the reports!
Finally I sent directly the .LOG file!

Thanks for your nice job.

73 de Gerard, F6EEQ
UFT 270, REF 27177, RCWC 257

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