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[SD-User] Testing SD V18.01

Subject: [SD-User] Testing SD V18.01
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2015 12:05:11 +0000
List-post: <">>
I've uploaded a preliminary version of SD V18.01.

The expected changes are shown below. I'd appreciate
any comments about your experiences with them.

This version may be downloaded from

Any problems, just reinstall V18.00 from

Note:  Anyone may use V18 and later, but it stays in
DEMO mode (10 QSOs before logging delays) unless you
register - the fee is 20 euros.

Paul EI5DI


Rig Control:
    The RIGPORT command to define a com port for rig
    control did not take effect unless SD was re-started.
    Now, it works immediately.

CW Keying - Internal or WinKey:
    In a similar way, the CWPORT command takes effect
    immediately without any need to re-start SD.

    The WINKEY command has been replaced by WINKEYON
    and WINKEYOFF commands - or the shorter versions,
    WKON and WKOFF.

    When you use the WKON command, and no WinKey is
    connected or recognised, keying remains internal.
    The WKOFF command switches keying to internal.
    It has no effect when internal keying is already
    in use.

    All speed change parameters appear to work
    reliably and consistently.

    Use the STATUS command to check your settings.
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