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[SD-User] last nights UKEICC contest

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Subject: [SD-User] last nights UKEICC contest
Date: Thu, 28 May 2015 13:58:21 +0100
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Last night  after 4 years of very happy use of SD, with only a few little
problems along the way, I had a "mare" of an evening.

When I was doing a pre contest tuning up , strong burning from the ATU ,
coil tapping switch burnt out, it's been suspect a couple of times this
year. Is now unusable.
Reconfigured rig and antennae,
worked one stn and SD logged the call.  Could not enter the next call. Then
I found SD had jumped to the line below the callsign entry line OVR was
grey with the middle letter flashing on and off. I could find no way to get
back to the callsign entry line. I had to use task manager to close the
programme. Then work the next stn and repeat the  switch off  reboot
process. Then during I was told my signal appeared to have  a "RF in the
shack" problem.
I wonder if these effects are inter-related. To try to separate out the
problems is the SD problem , my usage of the software,  problems on my part
or is it also an RF feedback problem.
Using version   V17.52


peter G8AFN
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