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[SD-User] V18.10 Released

Subject: [SD-User] V18.10 Released
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2015 14:10:14 +0000
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V18.10  25 November 2015

Windows 10:
    Formatting problems can occur when switching
    between SD and other applications, when
    maximising or minimising SD's window, or
    when attempting to resize SD's window with
    a mouse. This seems to be a new "feature" in
    Windows 10.

    The CLEAR, or CLS, command helps to correct
    this - you may have to select a smaller font,
    or use the CLEAR command more than once.

    Reminder: To change SD's font/window size,
    click on the SD icon at the top LHS of SD's
    Window, select Properties, then Font, then
    Lucida Console, then Size - and experiment
    with different font sizes to suit your screen.

UKEICC DX Contest:
    Updated to correct all scoring options, including
    double points for UK/EI entrants from 0100-0459z.

    Points are now shown by QSO, and in total.

    Reports are not required in this contest, even
    though they may be exchanged on-air. RSTs are
    no longer shown, and the RST command (to vary
    RST Sent) is disabled.

RSGB Contests - 2016:
    Added support for -
       RoLo (Rotating Locators).
       International Sprints on 20/40/80m.
       The DX Contest to replace 21/28MHz.

New Versions of SD:
    On exit, SD no longer checks on-line for new
    versions, or invites you to update.

    Fixed the Cabrillo MAP parameters in the template
    files QWAGDL.TPL and QWAGDX.TPL.

INORC Contest:
    Updated scoring for 10/15/20m.


Let me know if you need support for other contests.

When you install a new version of SD, or when you
change to Windows 10, you may have to adjust the
size of the default window to fill your screen.
If necessary, do this for both SD and SDCHECK.

Click on the SD icon, at the top LHS of SD's window
and select Properties, then Font.  If you have use
a widescreen (16:9) monitor, select the Lucida Console
font.  For a 4:3 monitor, select the Consolas font
(not available on XP).  Then choose whatever size of
font you prefer.  SD's window expands or contracts in
direct proportion to the chosen font size.

If you find bugs in V18.10, send the details to Older versions are not
supported, so please confirm that the problem
exists in V18.10.

Paul EI5DI

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