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Re: [SD-User] Newbie

Subject: Re: [SD-User] Newbie
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2016 23:41:09 +0000
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On 15/01/2016 19:23, Herbie Yeldham wrote:

I have my registration code, but can not find out how to get it into SD logger, 
advise needed please


As mentioned, all that needs to be done is move (or save)
the key file SD.KEY, sent as an attached file with your
registration email, to your SD folder.

That's it - SD looks for the key file in its folder.  If
found, SD will no longer be in Demo mode.

The key file doesn't get inserted into the program.
It just has to "be there" - in the same folder as SD.EXE

Paul EI5DI

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