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Subject: [SD-User] SDX
From: Jim Barry <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2017 19:51:52 +0000
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Hello, I have been using SDX for the  EI99WAW, and I messed up the .all
file by editing with Wordpad, and I thought my 2080 QSO's were gone in the
trash, but Paul EI5DI was able to restore all the QSO's from the Audit
(.aud) file, of course I committed the mortal sin of not making a back up,,
or reading the book, but who reads the book until trouble occurs
Nowaday's there are lots of logging programs available, with all sorts of
bells and whistles, I have been using SD for longer than I can remember,
first used it on a Commodore 64, thats how long, but what's most important
is that there is someone to turn to when you get into trouble, Well Done
Paul Thanks
*Kind Regards*
*Jim Barry*

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