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[SD-User] CW Keying with SD Help need

Subject: [SD-User] CW Keying with SD Help need
From: UweDo <>
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2017 11:06:47 +0200
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Hello from Germany,

i try and i try to get SD to keying into CW !!! But nothing happend, the only one is that almost when i set the PORT of CW the TX goes into TX and stay still with Full TX.

I can make and use any COM Port i want only this Result !! What i make wrong ??

TX is Icom 7700 and Cat is via DIGI KEYER 2 from microHam. Also i set Rig Control Port and it works Freq. is showing under the Logging Field and it´s change when i turn the VFO all Best.

But i don´t get the SD to start the keying with microHam and the IC 7700 ?!

Maybe it should is there any Ham who can help me out Please very Imported.

Thank you very much

vy 73 de Uwe DL8UD

PS: With WinTest works the Keying without any Problems into CW and also in RTTY

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