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Re: [SD-User] FT991 Rig Control

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Subject: Re: [SD-User] FT991 Rig Control
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Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2017 20:37:48 -0000
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I've come late to this thread.

As the CAT is working from the Rig to SD correctly there is two way CAT
comms working OK and the problem is probably to do with the CAT command used
to send data to the Radio from SD.

Are you using the IF; command to read the status of VFO A, Mode etc and OI;
for VFOB, Mode etc.

How are you sending the CAT command when a user types B40 to change band to
40M? Are you using the FA and FB commands with the extra leading zero for
frequencies below 100MHz? If the leading zero is missed off the radio will
ignore the command as not having enough data fields. 

73 de Paul G3WYW 

Are you using the CAT 
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Subject: [SD-User] FT991 Rig Control


Thanks for the reply - sorry for the delay in responding. Tried again with
version 19.20

Changing the first line of the FT991.SD from FT991 to FTDX991 - no change -
one way comms.

Tried changing to FT950 selection instead of FT991 - this breaks the log
from reading the TX/RX frequency correctly. If TX/RX is on, say, 3523.0 KHz
the log thinks it is on 352.3 KHz. i.e. factor of 10 out.



Please edit the first line of the FT991.SD file as follows - Change FT991 to
FTDX991, and save the updated file.

If that doesn't work, try selecting FT950, instead of FT991, with the

Please let me know if either option works.

Paul EI5DI

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