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To: "'Paul O'Kane'" <>, <>
Subject: [SD-User] SD 20.10h
From: Paul via SD-User <>
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2018 22:10:06 +0100
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Hi Paul,

Tried to use SD tonight for RSGB ROLO CW contest, but unable to select any
template file on the 3rd page apart from the top left corner one ( RSGB DX ,

There is something strange going on the template selection screen.

I can select any template on the first or second page but not the 3rd page.
RSGB DX, UK Side is highlighted but the arrow keys wont move down, so any
contest on this page is not selectable?

The scrolling action is different depending on which Column  you are on. On
Pages 1 and 2 ( 10-10 QSO Party  and HSKC, Straight Key) for the first three
columns, the down arrow only allows selection of a contest in the column you
are scrolling up and down. You have to use the Left or Right Arrow Keys to
move to the next column. In the fourth column the down arrow takes you down
the column and onto the next page, and continues down the page to the bottom
of the first column  the second page.  You then have to use the Left or
Right Arrow keys to move to the next column.

The problem is that at the bottom of the 2nd page (RSGB Club Calls) pressing
the down arrow takes you to the top of the 3rd page ( RSGB DX,UK Side) and
wont move from there! so can't select any template on that page ?

I am sure an earlier version enabled you to scroll through all the pages
just using the up and down arrow keys.

I now need to use SD for Post Contest entry, as N1MM+ crashed just before
the start of the ROLO CW contest tonight and after trying to switch to SD, I
had to do the contest using manual sending and paper logging!!

Any help appreciated.

73 de Paul G3WYW

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