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[SD-User] UK/EI DX CW Contest

Subject: [SD-User] UK/EI DX CW Contest
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2021 21:22:03 +0000
List-post: <>
A reminder that this contest runs for 24 hours from 1200z Saturday
23rd January.

SD V21.42 supports it, and is free from

Rules at

For SD, the option is "UK/EI DX, CW"

Work everyone; send serial & your 2-character District Code, or
serial only if outside the UK/EI.  There is no need to send or log
5NN in any QSO, but do it if you prefer :-).

For the UK, the district codes are the same as in RSGB contests.
For EI, the codes are 2-character county codes - as listed at the
end of the rules.

Mults are UK/EI districts, and other DXCC countries, by band.

It looks like there is no overlap with any other significant
CW contest, so it will be fun. If you work someone who doesn't
give a serial, log it as zero and ignore any other exchange element.

Upload logs within 24 hours -

Paul EI5DI

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