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Re: [SD-User] SD-User Digest, Vol 227, Issue 1

Subject: Re: [SD-User] SD-User Digest, Vol 227, Issue 1
From: John Swartz <>
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2021 11:34:21 -0500
List-post: <>
Mick, here is another approach you can use when going to set up for a new contest.  It should shorten the amount of time you take when setting up for that same contest next year, or next week for the CWT's.

First, open the sd.ini file with Notepad or some other Text editor.  DO NOT USE WORD or another word processor.

Copy the lines that show you the macros you set up in the last contest and paste them in a new text (Notepad) document, give it a name reflective of that particular contest and save it in a convenient folder you can use for the different sets of macros you will be setting up for your contests.  I use something like "MEMCWT.txt" (Memory CWT), the new one you will make will be MEMCQWWCW.txt, etc.

Then, edit the macro lines to be what you want to use for each macro in the new contest you will be entering and save that file with a new name for that contest.  That way you will have a file of macros next year for that same contest and won't need to start from scratch recreating them.

Then, highlight and copy all of the macros you set up for the new contest. Then open sd.ini and paste them over the old macros from the last contest.  Save the changed sd.ini file.  When you then open SD for the new contest and run through the routine of selecting the template for the new contest, when you get to the logging screen and are ready to operate your macros for the new contest will be ready for you.  You can modify them on the fly as Paul describes if you decide you want to add a "73" or change something, but that won't affect the library copy.  So, if you have made a change on the fly and prefer that to be your macro for that same contest next time, make the changes in the library copy, either line by line, or by copying and pasting from the sd.ini file from that contest.

With this system, I don't have to worry about whether Paul has changed something else about the sd.ini file from the one that was used in a prior version of SD. I started this some years ago, and while I don't enter lots of contests, I do have a library of individualized sets of macros for almost 3 dozen contests, events or QSO parties.

Thank you, Paul

Mick, good luck.

73,  John WA9AQN

John Swartz
Amateur Radio WA9AQN
15076 New Salem Bluff Road
Petersburg, IL 62675

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