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[SD-User] SD V21.77 Released

Subject: [SD-User] SD V21.77 Released
From: Paul O'Kane <>
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2023 13:29:17 +0000
List-post: <>
Some recent updates to SD are listed below.
SD is free from

73 & Happy New Year,
Paul EI5DI


V21.77      1 January 2023

VK Calls in CQ WW:
  Fixed pre-fill of the zone for some VK calls.  Thanks VK2BJ.

RAC Canadian Sections:
  Relevant .MLT files updated as appropriate.

V21.76      31 October 2022

SSA Jultest:
  Support added.  In this contest the exchange is Serial +
  a random 5-letter group. It's SM to SM only. Thanks SM1TDE.

  SD generates a new random group as QSOs are logged, or when
  Minus is pressed in the empty Callsign field on the logging
  line.  If you don't like the group presented, Minus offers
  an alternative.

  The #S keyer parameter (Serial) is modified to include the
  5-letter group. The #P parameter sends the previous Serial
  and 5-letter group.

  A reminder that SD's CWZERO command sets various keyer
  parameters including Serial Padding Factor (value 0 to 5).
  This factor adds some space between the characters in the
  serial and letter group - for easier copy. Values of 3 or
  greater are recommended in this contest.

  QSOs with non-SM stations may be logged, but do not score.
  They are displayed in "black", as are dupes.

V21.75      4 October 2022

Broken Code:
  Broken Code in V21.74 meant that the bug "fixed" in V21.74
  was not fixed.  Worse, the fix created additional problems
  related to changing band, or not changing band - with or
  without rig control enabled.

  It's fixed this time - thanks NQ2W and WA9AQN.

V21.74      29 September 2022

MST - Medium Speed Contest:
  In S&P mode, and following a band change, SD changed back to
  the previous band after logging a QSO. Fixed - thanks NQ2W.

V21.73     24 September 2022

  Updated for new rules.

V21.72     30 August 2022

RSFB SSB Field Day:
  Scoring updated - UA and EU QSOs do not count for points or

KCJ Contest:
  The exchange for non-JA entrants is now CQ Zone rather than
  continent.  Thanks VK4TT.

IARU HF Championship:
  Fixed multiplier score summary on reload, caused by failing
  to disregard the zones of HQ QSOs.  Thanks G0UUS.

V21.71     25 July 2022

RSGB IOTA Contest:
  Updated island reference files supplied - IOTA.LST and SDIOTA.CTY.

IARU HF Contest:
  Following certain edits, a QSO could be logged with an empty Zone
  field. This caused reloads of the log to fail. Fixed, thanks G0UUS.

V21.70     22 June 2022

Holicky pohar - OKOM:
  Support added.  Thanks OK1UCI.

V21.69     8 June 2022

RSGB Platinum Jubilee:
  Support Added.

V21.68     1 May 2022

MST - Medium Speed Test (CW).
  Added support.  Thanks SM1TDE.

  The exchange, Name & Serial, is entered as a single field. There
  is to need to type a Space between them - it will be added when
  the QSO is logged.  This applies also when you work stations on
  a second or third band - the Name is pre-filled and the cursor is
  positioned ready for the Serial (no space needed).

V21.67    23 April 2022

SD's On-Screen Position:
  By default, SD's window aligns with the top left-hand corner
  of your screen. If the windows is dragged to another position,
  that's where it will be when SD is run again. Thanks M0ITR.


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