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Ten-Tec advice concerning CW?

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Subject: Ten-Tec advice concerning CW?
From: deshel01@homer.louisville.edu (David E. Shelton)
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 1996 18:16:50 -0500 (EST)
Hello everyone,

I am new to this reflector and I am at a stalemate here. I just got a new 
Omni VI from the folks on Dolly Parton Pkwy. I can say that I am not so 
excited about it. The rig works fine however there are no filters in my 
rig because they were out of stock, for the 500Hz CW filters for both 
IF's. I have had a good time working people with the rig and love the 
simplicity of the rig. But with no filters the rig is far from great. 

So Saturday I went to a nearby Hamfest in the hopes of finding someone 
with Ten-Tec filters that go with the Omni VI. I ran into a friend of 
mine who has been a CW for many years and contests frequently. We got to 
talking and he asked what I was there to get. I replied with the filters 
and that is where it got interesting for me at least. 

He described all the Ten-Tec rigs he had in the past and which ones were 
truly classics, especially for CW operating. He stated that his all time 
favorite to be the Corsair II. Because of simplicity and the rigs 
incredible selectivity. 

I guess my question is this: Which Ten-Tec rig past or present is the 
best overall CW rig?

All input is greatly appreciated!

Tnx es 73, 

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