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Paragon 585 blowing fuses

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: Paragon 585 blowing fuses
From: jbartac@max.state.ia.us (Jerry L. Bartachek)
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 1996 14:19:28 -0800
de Jerry KD0CA:

I'm having an unusual problem with my Paragon in that it blows the DC 
power board fuse now and then in the RTTY mode.  I only run 50 watts 
output using afsk RTTY from my PK-232 into an antenna with a tuner in 
line for 1:1 SWR.  I'm chatting away and "CLICK" I'm QRT!

I have no problem tuning up the antenna for short duration, and no 
problems on full 100 w SSB or CW.  I can chat for quite a while safely on 
RTTY but if I get too long winded, the fuse blows. (I wish it were 
accessable in a screw-in fuse holder!)

I note that my manual lists the fuse as an MDL25 (slow blow) in the 
schematic but AGC 25 (fast blow) in the text.  Which is the right one?  
I've been using MDL25's.

Do I need to install a fan on my heat sink to cure this?  Any help is 
GREATLY appreciated.

Jerry KD0CA

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