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Paragon QRP Modification - Help!

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: Paragon QRP Modification - Help!
From: jbartac@max.state.ia.us (Jerry L. Bartachek)
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 09:57:11 -0700
de  Jerry KD0CA

Guys, I'm having a terrible time trying to make the QRP mod to my
paragon.  It is an old one about serial # 00385 or so, and the 2nd mixer
board is NOT exactly like the picture in the manual!!! :-(

I can't seem to locate R44 to put a 10K resistor in parallel with it.  
It's not where pictured in my manual!

Most of the 2nd mixer PCB looks like the pix in the manual, but the area
near u1, the arrangement of screwdriver adjustment pots, and the location 
of some of the wiring connectors is very different!  My pots are in a 
different location, and many of the resistors, capacitors and diodes are 
NOT as pictured.

Using the manual picture as a guide, while standing with my tummy near
the front panel, the rig on its back with the bottom covers off, R44
should be on the far side of u1 parallel to an imaginary line thru pins 1
and 8.  But there is NO RESISTOR THERE!  Also I see several other 100K
resistors round abouts that corner of the board, but which one is R44??

Not to be daunted, I turned the 2nd mixer board pot that controls the
maximum Ic to the finals, and and found I could reduct the power to QRP
proportions!  Now I can get about 4 watts on 160, 40, & 30 meters, and
about 3 watts on 20 m and above at the minimum RF drive control setting.
 80 meters, has a minimum of about 5 or 6 watts minimum (must be the
hottest band in the rig) so I will use the QRP + on 80 meters and not the

My maximum power is about 35 to 40 watts wide open now, but up to 60
watts on 80 meters.  That's not too bad, but I wish I could get the rig
to do as the "official" mod does: < 5 W to 100 W with the front panel
drive control.

Let me know if you have any special hints to help me.

QRP 72's,
Jerry  KD0CA

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