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Subject: [Fwd: Re: The Perfect CW Station]
From: wr4i@nando.net (Dennis Terribile)
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 96 16:13:12 EDT
Hi TenTec Fans

Ran across these comments re. VI and thought they would be of interest to
the group>>

>I know I am late on this thread but I must put in my "two cents".
>I have had my Omni VI since they first shipped in the summer of 1992),
>(yep I am one of the first) and I can whole heartedly say that I LOVE
>I have been hamming since 1961 and have had a variety of rigs over the
>years.  In the early seventies I went "the way of the Jap rigs" and I can
>tell you that the fun I had previously enjoyed in Ham Radio declined and
>went away.
>The Jap rigs did (and still do) lack engineering quality and true
>inovation -- i.e. if they can't copy it from us you won't see it in their
>When I went looking for a new rig in early 1992 Ten Tec had just
>announced the Omni VI.  I decided on the spot that I had to have one.  It
>was the perfect rig -- well thought out (hear me Japs) and not too many
>bells and whistles, most of which you will never use.
>Well when I finally received my Omni VI(there was a waiting period then
>since demand was so high) I decided that all my Jap stuff had to go
>"yesterday if not sooner!"
>I sold some, gave some away, and since there is not a big market for most
>Jap stuff, I wound up throwing a lot of it into the trash can!!!
>Since I got my Ten Tec Omni VI Ham radio has become FUN again!!!!  I have
>since bought their six meter transverter kit which is also great (better
>than the kits from Heath) and I can't wait for Ten Tec's next HF
>This was my two cents... or was it three!!
>Reid NZ8K

>I'll second the Omni VI recommendation.  I've owned one for just over a
>year, and it's a fantastic CW radio.  The receiver is superb, especially
>in pulling out weak signals VERY close to strong ones.  QSK has always
>been one of Ten-Tec's strong points and works beautifully.  The CW filters
>work very well (I highly recommend the 500 Hz first-IF filter, along with
>the 500 and 250 Hz 2nd-IF filters).  If you want to work portable
>occasionally, the rig has a good internal keyer (Curtis A or B type,
>selectable), and runs on 12v.  You can connect the internal keyer and an
>external key closure (e.g.memory keyer or computer) simultaneously.  It's
>also a very good SSB rig -- not quite as many bells and whistles as some,
>but very good.  There was a favorable review in January '93 QST, and a
>couple of the minor points have been addressed since then: the crystal
>oven is on whenever 12v is applied; and the tuning rates (main, RIT, and
>XIT) are now programmable.
>I think this is very close to the ultimate CW rig these days, but on the
>other hand my Drake twins are still working great, too, and I doubt I'll
>ever part with them.  And those little QRP rigs look like a lot of fun,
>Vy 73,
>Don  K9DM

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