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Filters (part duex)

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Subject: Filters (part duex)
From: vhatley@usa.pipeline.com (Vernon A. Hatley)
Date: Thu, 2 May 1996 12:03:54 -0400
Thanks for the overwhelming response to the filter questions.  I now have a
much better understanding of what is going on inside that big grey box
called an Omni V.  It is really amazing that Ten Tec could build such a
sophisticated rig, yet be so easy to work on; (yes, I have had the cover
off looking around in there).   
I had no Idea that you had to "tune" the passband when you changed filters.
 I had just set it to the 12:00 o'clock position and let it alone unless I
needed to filter out QRM.  I tried out the technique of "tuning" it for
different filters; bingo, it DID make a difference in signal strength. 
about 11:00 for the 1.8; 11:30 for the .500; and 12:00 for the .250.   
On another note; about an hour after I had brought the rig home, when I
first got it, I about had a heart attack.  It didn't have a RIT or XIT
knob!  Holy cows; I had just spent my hard earned money on a rig that
didn't even have these simple controls.  Then I read the manual and felt
much better.  These controls are there, just not in the way I was used to
seeing on imported rigs.    
Unless something bad happens to it; lightening, fire, flood; I think this
is the last rig I will own for a while.  I don't know what else I could ask
for or what it is lacking.  IMHO of course. 
KK5RO                            Butternut Vertical 
Vernon A. Hatley              OHR Explorer II 40M 
QRP-L #325                     Ten-Tec Omni V 
Kent Paddles

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