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Finding boards...

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Subject: Finding boards...
From: vhatley@usa.pipeline.com (Vernon A. Hatley)
Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 15:03:37 GMT
There are plenty of FM boards and other accessories out there; the problem
is locating them.  I recently added an FM board to my Omni V; I had posted
a note here trying to locate one.  There was an individual on this list who
had put an want ad in QST magazine for a FM board; he was swamped with
replies.  He gave me the name of one of the guys who had responded to his
QST ad.  I had the board within 5 days. 
My suggestion is this, start by calling Jun's and any other dealer that
sells used equipment.  If that doesn't work, you best bet will be a want ad
in QST or one of the other fine magazines out there.  You *will* get
results; just don't give up. 
KK5RO                            Butternut Vertical 
Vernon A. Hatley              OHR Explorer II 40M 
QRP-L #325                     Ten-Tec Omni V 
Kent Paddles

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