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Scout PTO

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Subject: Scout PTO
From: john@antenna.demon.co.uk (john@antenna.demon.co.uk)
Date: Sat, 18 May 1996 15:18:39 +0000
I have to agree with Steve, N4LQ.  The two Scouts that I tried both
exhibited a objectionable jump in frequency every 20-30 seconds, even
when being keyed at a modest 20 wpm and after several hours of
warm-up.  It occurred to me to wonder if the correction circuit could
not have been made to apply a gentle correction, rather than a sudden
step in frequency.  The actual drift is not too bad - it's the 10 or
more Hz step that is the killer.  Any ideas on how to achieve that?  
As it is, I consider the Scout OK for SSB but nasty to receive on

Regarding the "back-lash" discussion, my observation was that it is 
sideways pressure on the tuning knob that causes frequency shift.  
It's difficult to turn the knob without some slight side pressure.  
This could be enough to cause 200 Hz change when the knob was 

Still my favourite manufacturer but not my favourite radio.  I'll 
keep looking for a Corsair II....

Cheers and 73 de John, G3RHP
john@antenna.demon.co.uk                        g3rhp@amsat.org

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