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RE Scout issues

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: RE Scout issues
From: jim.bell@canada.cdev.com (James Bell)
Date: Tue, 21 May 96 13:02:22 -700
Frequency jump in the TEN-TEC PTO is not a new thing.
 The ARGOSY suffered from the same problem. I believe that the 
grease in the internal screw mechanism would get contaminated 
with use and RF would cause the capacitance across the grease to
change and the frequency would jump 50 to 100+Hz.The solution in 
the ARGOSY was to take the PTO apart and clean out the grease
and replace it with a higher quality grease. (silicone?)
 With respect to backlash(?),there may not actually be backlash
 but the apparent backlash may be a result of the processor
 trying to lock the frequency before tracking back in the other
 I had the same problem when I built a phase-locking oscillator
 to "assist" my ARGOSY in stability.When changing direction of 
tuning the phase lock circuit would sometimes "encourage" the 
PTO to move to the next point(2-3cycles ) before turning back in
 the new direction. If TEN-TEC are doing a similar thing with
the SCOUT then it may display what appears to be backlash.

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