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Omni 6 ringing filters

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: Omni 6 ringing filters
From: asearle@netusa.net (Art Searle)
Date: Tue, 02 Jul 1996 22:26:11 -0700
Del Seay wrote:
> Steve, N4LQ mentioned a possible cure for the "filter ringing" in
> his OMNI-6. He found that TenTec had not filtered the regulated
> voltage entering the IF/AF board.
> I checked mine, and sure enough! A quick look with my Tektronix
> scope showed garbage on the line. Steve had bypassed the line with a
> .01 ufd cap.

I checked my radio serial #05A10106 and it appears to have this mod
both in the schematic and on the IF/AF board. It is labeled C25.

WARNING! WARNING! The labeling of coax jacks J54 and J56 are reversed
on the IF/AF board itself. The labels on the coax is correct. So if
you remove the IF/AF board you must connect coax 54 to J56 on the
board and coax 56 to J54 on the board. I would assume this applies
only to newer IF/AF boards. Mine is labeled Rev C.

73, de Art WU2K

72,73, de Art Searle, WU2K, Long Is., NY, ARRL Life Member
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