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TT HQ Answers - Omni 6

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: TT HQ Answers - Omni 6
From: asearle@netusa.net (Art Searle)
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 1996 21:22:26 -0700
Hi Gang,

Ten-Tec Hq responses to my questions about the Omni VI. The
responses are paraphrased.

1) Q. It appears that the IF/AF board is labeled wrong. Are J54
      and J56 reversed?  

   A. Yes!

2) Q. What can I tell from Ten-Ten Omni Vi serial numbers? Can I
      tell if one rig was produce before or after another?

   A. No! Our serial numbers are selected to prevent our
      competition from figuring out how many transceivers we
      make. The only thing you can tell from our serial numbers
      is the year of manufacture by the last 2 digits.

4) Q. Can you use a DSP Audio Filter with an Omni 6 ?(I'd seen 
      postings on this reflector saying you cannot)

   A. Yes! In fact I see a Timewave unit with and Omni VI on the
      test bench that we are currently experimenting with.

73, de Art WU2K

72,73, de Art Searle, WU2K, Long Is., NY, ARRL Life Member
QRP-L #524, QRP ARCI #9123, NorCal pending, DXCC MX & CW HR 
NRA Benefactor Life Member, NMLRA Life Member, AMA Life Member
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, Dale Earnhardt Fan Club

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