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Omni VI IMD modification questions.....

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: Omni VI IMD modification questions.....
From: seay@alaska.net (Del & Jan Seay)
Date: Fri, 05 Jul 1996 16:02:01 -0700
William A. Childress wrote:
> Could someone post the resister values and the placement for the IMD
> modification to the OMNI VI?
> <Alan>

Very simple mod, Alan.
I'll see if I can do this from their instructions, which has
pictures.(I need Pictures!)
Locate the PBF/Front End Board, and remove. (Bottom under the
shield.) Identify R-14, a 470 ohm resistor immediately adjacent to
connector 24. Remove and replace with a 220 ohm resistor.
Now - with the board positioned to where the resistor you just
changed is next to you, and with the connectors 18 and 17 to you
left, look for another 470 ohm resistor directly to the left of
connector 24. There will be three others between it and connector 24.
Remove that resistor and replace with a jumper.
That is all there is. The second resistor is not marked, so is a bit
hard to tell you where it is, with out a picture!
Good Luck.  de KL7HF

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