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TenTec Rigs available for adoption to good home

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Subject: TenTec Rigs available for adoption to good home
From: qrp@earthlink.net (KA3YJG)
Date: Sat, 06 Jul 1996 01:46:16 +0100
OK.  That sounds a bit thick, but I have the following TenTec Tranceivers, 
which I have enjoiyed and cared for up for sale.  A new home would be more 
appropriate.  All rigs include the manual as well as a mic.  For what 
it's worth, I don't operate phone, so the mic is jsut something I put up 
in the closet.  WIth the exception of the Triton Digital, all the rigs have 
been back to Tentec for a check out -- I don't sell garbage.  Here they are . 
. . and thanks for the bandwidth.

TenTec Argosy rev. A boards, noise blanker, 250 hz filter, audio filter, 
mobile mount, "breaker" cable and linear control TR switch. good condition, 
some scratches. $385.00

TenTec Triton IV with audio filters, NB, and external 500 hz cw filter, power 
supply "breaker" cable.  Very nice receive.  very good physical condition.  

Ten Tec Triton Digital with audio filters, NO N.B.,  includes 262G (22 amp) 
power supply, good condition. $450

TenTec Argosy 525D digital, 500 hz filter, audio filter, TR switch for 
linear,  $475 with matching P.S.

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